Innovation is in our DNA. Our vision is to enhance the wonderful sport of rugby union and provide the Asia Pacific region with a new and dynamic sports-entertainment experience.

Allowing us to deliver more rugby for the fans, and more rugby for the players, Rapid Rugby will incorporate innovative new laws and competition rules designed to increase ball-in-play time and reward attacking, free scoring play.

Like all sports, rugby needs to evolve. In today’s world we’re spoilt for choice, with easily digestible, fast paced action in high demand. We believe our unique combination of rugby and entertainment is a perfect avenue to deliver this content. And while we will honour the traditions of the game, we make no apologies for wanting to be different – check out below how we’ll be forging a new path.

Powering up try scoring

Who doesn’t love seeing the scoreboard tick over? Well, there’s no better way to bank points for your side than with a Power Try. Going the length of the field to score are memories that are etched in supporters’ minds and we’re encouraging more of those moments in every game.

Any try-scoring play that begins inside a team’s defensive 22 will see 9 points added without the need for a conversion. A runaway break is brilliant, but teams with the skill to keep possession and make their way down the field and dot down over the try line will also be rewarded. And if a defensive side contemplates a deliberate penalty to break up the attack they’ll need to think again, the Power Try stays alive!

No sideline safety valve

We’re encouraging the quick counter attack to be a core part the on-field arsenal. How are we doing that? Well, teams no longer have the luxury of kicking the ball out on the full within their defensive 22 to relieve pressure. Any kick that goes over the sideline on the full will be turned over to the opposition at the point of where the kick was taken from, so keeping the ball in the field of play will be the aim of the game. We’re creating more instinctive play, teams will now apply a different style in this area of the field depending on the defensive line in front of them. Watch this space – literally!

Threading the needle

Running rugby is what we’re all about, but kicking is a skill, that when executed well, can cut an opposition defence to shreds. And in Rapid Rugby it’s all about precision. Teams can take advantage of the 10/22 rule – best explained in this three-step process;

  1. Kicks must be taken from between your defensive goal and 10m line.
    • It’s important to note that play must start within this zone.
    • you can’t pass the ball backwards and then kick from the designated area!
  2. The ball must land ahead of you within the field of play.
  3. It can bounce as many times as you like but before it goes over the sideline but it must take its final bounce within your attacking 22.

What is your reward? You move down the field and pick up your attack from the point the ball bounces out! Coaches will have to decide how many players to take from the defensive line to limit the impact of attacking kicks – this one is going to be a cracker!

On and off and on again

Everyone wants to see the best players play for longer so that’s one of the reasons we’ve introduced rolling substitutions. Players can be rotated for management or tactical reasons at any time during the match and then return to the action when needed. There will be a maximum of 10 substitutions for each team during a game.



Rapid game time

To meet expectations of a rapid viewing experience at the stadium and on screens across the globe, we’ve reduced the time of each half to 35min each. That’s 10min less than a traditional rugby match is currently played, and while it might not sound like a big difference, we’ve spoken to a lot of key stakeholders in the game and they agree this simple cha nge creates a sense of urgency in a match that players and fans alike will embrace.

Points plus

We’ve also upped the ante to incentivise and reward attacking tactics and game style. Bonus points are up for grabs if your team does one or more of the following;

  • Wins by 3 or more tries = 1 bonus point
  • Scores 4 or more tries in a game = 1 bonus point
  • Lose by 5 points or less = 1 bonus point



The Rapid Rugby Showcase will launch our brand in the Asia Pacific region, traveling throughout Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australasia to give fans, viewers, players and coaches a live taste of what is to come.


Global Rapid Rugby will expand into a home-and-away competition in 2020, with Asia Pacific teams competing for AU$1 million in prize money.


Global Rapid Rugby is owned and supported within the Minderoo Group. The strategic direction will be set by an Independent Board, of which Andrew Forrest will be Chairman. The operations of Rapid Rugby will be managed by a Clubs Commission and Unions Commission under defined Terms of Reference.


Our vision is to create a growing international rugby competition that enriches its communities.

  • Our vision is to create a growing international rugby competition that enriches its communities.
  • We are progressive – we disrupt, and originate (what we do is copied by others).
  • We live for entertainment – engaging and innovative experiences and content.
  • We focus on community – formed from rugby culture/values, we provide grass-roots
    community development, family involvement and participation in sport.
  • We are agile – free-flowing, fast-moving, and willing to change; we Make It Happen!
  • We seek new markets – for sport, for growth, for our platforms and offerings.


A marquee player initiative will be implemented by Global Rapid Rugby to assist in creating an elite standard of competition, a competitive and even playing field across the league, as well as game development by supporting and nurturing local playing talent. The identification, recruitment and allocation of marquee players will be coordinated by Global Rapid Rugby in association with partnering clubs. A marquee includes (but is not limited to) players participating in a top-tier professional rugby competition, are currently, or have previously, played at a national team level, or are of national interest to a union participating in the Global Rapid Rugby competition (i.e. the player would meet the host union’s national qualification criteria).

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